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B O J I  I S...

2015-08-20 10.39.55_edited.jpg

... a true story

of discovery, fun, and meaning

                   expressed through

                   the life of Boji,

                   a Monarch butterfly

2016-05-11 15.30.21_edited.jpg

... an accordion

Illustrated on an accordion book, Boji reveals its two sides:

​The Fun, because an accordion book moves like a caterpillar-

if you can’t believe it, ask your 5-year olds :)

The Serious, because it reminds us that with all the ups and downs, life still goes on... 

For the making of the story, check The Story Of The Story

2017-01-03 21.01.21.png

... a quest

to answer my 4-year-old nephew's question about

the purpose of life.... I had to first find it. 

After 6 years of adventure, personal transformation,

and life changing experiences, I attempt to answer.  

Let me know what else you'd say to a child.. this has been a collective quest, and I would love to have your opinion.


... a base for dialogue

Boji sparks conversations about topics that matter. And as children grow, it becomes a platform for dialogue on issues that matter to their new life circumstances: from food and sleep, to doing homework, to school mates, and even to career issues and life meaning. Want to start a conversation? meet us on facebook

Try to make a creative project with your children, a painting, a garden, or even raising a pet.. 


... a toolbox

Boji was meant to be one big painting, and is actually painted in such a manner that you can display whichever part is needed at the moment: some pages lift you up, others remind you to slow down and enjoy some silence, or to stop and have a chat with a friend..

And for the younger ones simple things: that we need to eat to grow like Boji... or that sleep is actually nice... 


The book is simple. Terribly simple. Yet very versatile. 

How do you use yours? 

Watercolor Paints

... & a bunch of side effects

                  good side effects..

Like the little ones not dreading sleep so much anymore. 

Like the little older ones finding courage here, determination there, making connections with their worlds and lives.

Like the rest of us smiling a bit here, stopping for a moment of self-reflection there.

Like all of us getting in the habit of counting to 3 to overcome any hesitation. Try it for yourself  it works :)

2014-06-26 19.12.29_edited_edited.jpg

About the Author

Writing a children book had never been my thing! I had been in management and training for years.
After going through a Near-Death-Experience in a car accident, I found myself with a changed perspective of everything: the world, life, and myself!
A series of serendipitous events in my life led to a personal profound transformation, life revelations, and immense peace. 
Through the book, as with everything, I try to pass a touch of this peace to others...

Your turn

write your version of Boji here.. or let's chat on facebook

Thanks for submitting!

making of "Boji"

"Works of art make rules;
rules do not make works of art" 
Claude Debussy

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